Nanopolimer jobs

Maximal efficiency when scratched surface

Nanopolimer jobs

Data recovery chances increasing when surface is damaged

When surfaces are damaged (scoring, scratching, hiting etc.) the standard data recovery operations are normally impossible or their result is insufficient. In such cases we can seriously improve the result by using nanopolimers to protect the surface from more damages and to protect the head assembly from destroying.

We have an expert with Chemical education; this expert developed special chemicals which he used to cover the surfaces by very thin layer (nanometers) to protect it. After such processing the risks to destroy heads or damage surfaces is very low.

We are doing these jobs in the laminar which ensure the best level of purity. As a result - we have not even single drop of dust piece in whole processed surface.

The technology is not cheap, but its results are amazing. So, if you have scratched drive, most likely, we can help.