Any operations inside of hard drive

Only expert level

Platters, heads, motor replacement etc.

We are able to do any data recovery tasks on expert level

We are working inside of the clean zone of the hard drives in the professional laminar and we are using the tools only of the expert level. You will not locate in our lab any instruments of bad quality. The tools quality can warranty the job level.

Our huge experience over 25 years in the data recovery industry, our regular practicing in the European and American companies, our partneership to IT-Tohtorit OY can give us ability to conclude that in our offices you will have the best European standartds data recovery services. Our cooperation to the best data recovery companies of the world like,, etc., warranties using of the most reliable and modern technologies for data recovery. п

We are able to do the following jobs inside of hard drives (normal air-filled as far as helium-filled ones):
- head assembly replacement;
- head assembly modifications;
- platters transfer to the other hard drive;
- spindle motor replacement;
- hard drive cleaning from dust, mat and unprofessional opening results;
- nanopolymer jobs;
- commutator-preamplifier chip replacement;
- all other operations belonging to the same field