An office of a big European DR-company

An office of the European data recovery company

Now to Kyrgyzstan!

The IT-Tohtorit OY company is located in Helsinki, Finland, and it was founded in 1993. We have partnership to this company starting from 2003 and for all these 15 years it is very fruitful. The main type of our cooperation till 2016 was in exchange of technologies, tools and data recovery tricks. In the last months of 2017 we decided to open an office in Kyrgyzstan to serve European level data recovery services in Kyrgyzstan and in main perspective - in the whole Central Asiiatic region. We want to offer in this area the European expert level of data recovery.

We are working in Kyrgyzstan under the same name "IT-Doctor". We can offer to our customers not only the European level of data recovery, but also the data recovery in our head office in Helsinki. If so the transfer of the customers media will be done by DHL using the customers prepayment.

The European level of our services is not only in the highest responsibility fro your data but also in the immediate (within 15 minutes) diagnostics, the pricing only according the price-list and the maximal work speed. We do not have overpricing for fast recovery if our specialists will not work for your case in non-working hours and days.