The success is in professional equipment

Equipment of our lab

Only professional tools, only expert view

Equipment is very important for any professional work, especially in data recovery. Our experience of over than 25 years is enough to build the best set of equipment for data recovery from any media.

First of all we have the ACE Lab products for data recovery from hard disk drives, solid state drives, memory cards. These products are ethalons in the data recovery worldwide.

For any physical work we are using the laminar and additional tools: HDA removal, motor removal, platter moving instruments.

It is quite frequent that we must recover data in some non-standard cases like recover of movie files from FAT-based drives when drive was formatted. We have own tools to do these tasks.

It is also very important to note: we are the members of the widely known international HDD Research Group, and we have access to all tools, resources and technologies of this group.

Well, and of course we have a lot of solder stations, screwdrivers and other things.