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Stanislav Korb

Experience, education, achievements

Senior data recovery engineer, head of the development division, managing director of "IT-Doctor"

Age: 45

The data recovery from any media is available:

- formatted partitions recovery

- deleted partitions recovery

- deleted files recovery

- recover data from the partially rewritten media

- any flash recovery, including the chips after electric shock

- any hard disk drive failures, including HDA replacement, platters moving, scratched surfaces recovery etc.

- anyolid state drive failures, including SandForce-based ones

- optical drives data recovery, including broken into fragments

- floppy drive data recovery in any condition

- any drive array data recovery: RAID, JBOD, Volume Set, including physical failures of included drives

- external drives data recovery, including dropped

- mobile phone data recovery, including iPhone

- any Apple gadgets data recovery: iPod, iPad

Experience: started in 1993

I have experience of data recovery in the following countries:












Sertificates, recommendations and thank letters are present.

I did my first data recovery in December 1993 for the Chair of Zoology of the Nizhny Novgorod State University. After this recovery I started to make data recoveries in the listed organisation. From August 1998 to April 1999 I had small pause in my work due to the August Monetary System Crash in Russia. Starting 1999, I continued my work in my own company. In 2004 and 2005 I did some research in field of data security for Israel company PST Ltd. From 2005 my services are used by several data recovery companies around the world. I did data recoveries in total from about 12000 media. I am a member and founder of HDD Research Group. I have own technologies, programs and tools for data recovery.